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The Unity Pendant


Girl Wearing Unity Pendant

"My wife and I were married in April. She has 2 young boys (10 & 8), from a previous marriage. I wanted to get the boys something that would let them know that I am marrying them as well as their mother. A small ring was the first thing that came to mind when I thought about what to get them. Then a family member came to me with the idea of the Unity Necklace. It was perfect!! A ring was a great idea, but the boys grow so fast!!! I was afraid that after they grew out of the rings, they would be put in a drawer and forgotten forever. This marrage, my wife, and the boys mean so much to me, I wanted them all to have something they could keep, and use, for longer than a few months. This would allow them to wear these even after they grow up. They LOVE them!! I got one for each of the boys and for myself. This is the best idea for someone marrying with kids involved!! It made the wedding so much more special than it already is!!"

Thanks again!!!

~Jason L., Cincinnati, OH

I recently received the Unity Pendant that I ordered for my 4-year-old daughter, Annie. We had previously purchased another pendant that was similar but made with gold-plated pewter and had rings instead of hands. Annie loved the special gift that she received at "mommy's wedding" and she was really able to feel how important she was to the whole ceremony. As 4-year-olds sometimes do, Annie showed her stubborn streak and refused to take off her special necklace. Within a week of the wedding, the pewter rings actually scraped off the pendant leaving us with a pewter/gold blob.

Your Unity Pendant is beautiful! It is the kind of pendant that I envisioned for her to begin with. I could have avoided all the trouble if I would have remembered the old adage: You get what you pay for! Not only is the Unity Pendant lovely to look at, it is also obviously of great quality and craftsmanship. Annie loves it and it is so cute to hear her telling people that "the big hand is Scott, the other hand is Mommy, and the little hand is her."

Thank you so much for creating a product that lets Annie feel our love, know she's special, and stand up to her in all her pre-school glory as well. I know that she'll treasure it forever.

~Joy R., Napa, CA

It was so important for us that 'our' son, Adam, feel comfortable and important on our wedding day. We wanted him to know that this was not just about two people getting married; it was about us becoming a family. Giving him the Unity Pendant during the ceremony was such a special part of our wedding. After giving him the pendant, we each took the time say something to him. I will forever cherish the moment when my husband knelt down to tell my son that he loved him, that he would always be there for him, and how happy and excited he was that we were a family now. Adam was all smiles the entire evening, and he's been so happy ever since. We've been married 7 months now, and he hasn't taken the necklace off once! Thank you for creating the Unity Pendant! It's design is so symbolic, it's message is clear and so easy for even the youngest child to understand. "

~Melissa and Dean, Madeira, OH


"Anastasia loves her necklace. We gave it to her when we arrived, and she has not taken it off. She likes to get the three of us to put our hands like the hands on the necklace, then she says, 'My family.'"

~Kim B., Ft. Thomas, KY

I recently purchased 3 unity pendants to give to my stepchildren during our wedding ceremony. The kids all said after the day was over that the pendant ceremony was their favorite part of their day (besides their father and stepmother marrying, of course!) and that they all loved their pendants. In order to preserve the pendants, I have hung them inside a frame with a nicely typed verse that we vowed to them during the ceremony. Each framed pendant hangs over their bed and "protects" them at night. When they are older they will be able to wear them wherever they go, if they choose. There was not a dry eye in the house once we started the commitment ceremony and presented the three children with their pendants. There are a lot of retailers out there selling similar jewelry, but none had your specific design on the pendant, which is what made me buy yours. When I explained the three hands and what they symbolize to my youngest (5 year old girl), she smiled big and loved the meaning. Thanks so much for selling a great product. It means alot to our family to have been able to include the three children in our ceremony. It really symbolized our complete commitment as a family. Thanks!

~Marianne D., Bryn Mawr, PA

My son is 3 1/2 and it was very important for me to find a way to include him in the marriage of his father and myself. I was looking at this wedding not as a couple being married, but as a family being blessed. That family includes our son Aidan. We are having the pendant blessed along with the rings, and after we exchange the rings Andrew and I will place the pendant on our son Aidan. I don't have time now, but after the wedding I plan on having our wedding date engraved on the back of it. I wanted him involved and as much a part of this as it was about Andrew and I becoming husband and wife. More and More these days people are having families, then getting married, and this is a great way to have a marriage be about the children as well as the adults. I hope your company does well, as I feel this is a great service and product to offer. The need is out there.

~Amanda M., Athens, NY